Axel Wettstein alias      one 4 you      was born in Solingen, Germany.

He has been a professional performer for more than 25 years. He`s got a motorcycle, a car and a child well, honestly: who cares anyway? But in case you do, check out the article below:


"Has anybody seen the show before? No?! Oh, that`s good. Nobody could take this show twice."

Axel Wettstein alias one 4 you starts his show with a portion of self-irony and gets his first laughs. He is probably the best known local entertainer, especially because of the numerous shows he has done at the Bielefeld City Festival and lots of other events for more than 10 years. With his cheeky and charming comedy show, juggling and unicycle acrobatics he knows how to delight his audience on a high and entertaining level.

"It`s more important, not only to know the technique, but to make the crowd laugh again and again. It took me two years to be able to juggle five balls. But the crowd has much more fun, when three of the balls are glued together. Entertainment is the most important thing in an attractive show."

Axel Wettstein has mainly been inspired by the American Way of Entertainment. He started out as a performer at the Mardi Gras in 1986 in New Orleans. Since then he has been performing at places such as Houston, Key West, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York and of course in lots of cities all over Germany.

To make out of a hobby a profession, well, that the Bielefelder artiste has done successfully. Today one 4 you Entertainment can be hired through many agencies or with the artist directly.
Tel.: +49-521-130878

"When I work at a wedding," promises
one 4 you "I even give a guarantee on the marriage: In case the marriage does not turn out well, I would perform my show at the divorce for free."

This is a translation of the original article in the German wedding journal Das Hochzeits-Journal No. 1/1998, Bielefeld see German website

2002: Yannic Wettstein joined his father on stage as "Tuff Enuff"

First TV appearance Solo: 2002 Live on WDR-Germany
First TV appearance Duo: 2006 TV 21-Germany

Awards Solo: Feldkirch - 1992, Bielefeld - 1998, Gevelsberg - 2009
Awards Duo: Gütersloh - 2004, Usedom - 2004, Pinneberg - 2005